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Music Uploads

2009-04-12 04:55:03 by kingkilla37

Due to the composer I had asked to write some music for the video game I am currently developing being unable to commit to that, I have decided that I will just make my own music. As a result, I will instead devote my time to my original video game music rather than fan music from video games - but don't worry, as I will still be uploading all these pieces and giving you a taste of what I can do. :P

Audio Approved!

2009-04-09 07:12:11 by kingkilla37

Well, this actually took a lot less time than I expected. The approval process was quick and easy, so now I should be able to start submitting a new audio piece once every couple of days or so. :D

My work

2009-04-05 05:34:27 by kingkilla37

I came to Newgrounds to make and display some remixes of popular video game music, such as the Mario, Zelda and Metroid series music, as well as less-recognised game music such as that from the Banjo Kazooie series.

I am also currently learning how to use Adobe Flash, and will later be submitting some flash movies. ;)